Chris Schlarb's music has appeared in video games before, but today marks the first time his work appears in handheld form. In a collaboration with game designer Erik Loyer, Schlarb composed an interactive soundtrack for the iPad/iPhone storyapp Strange Rain. The app itself is beautiful and thought-provoking, and Schlarb's music, as always, provides a spacious aural framework for narrative.

You can buy the app (procure an iOS device first!) for $1.99 here. Read an interview with Erik Loyer and Chris Schlarb here.

In other Schlarb news, he'll be performing Psychic Temple with a 10-person ensemble and keynote-ing New Media Art and Sound Festival in Austin, Texas June 17th-19th. If you're not around then, hear him and his crew again on July 7th at the Long Beach Museum of Art.