Photo by kalilo

We have had this little old virtual web radio sitting around for a while. We call it AKRadio. Behind the scenes, we’ve been quietly soliciting tracks from our artists, getting a live cut here and a b-side there, slowly building a library of interesting sounds to broadcast over these virtual airwaves we call Internet. 

Since it is The Rafter Half-Week of Love, and we realized we should launch AKRadio before the World Wide Web moves to holo-mp3s and leaves us in the lonely dust of obsolescence, we figured we should probably launch this. We asked Rafter if he had anything sitting around. Of course he did, gifting us with some rare tracks he recorded in 1997.  That’s ten years ago.  Besides, it’s Casual Friday out there on the cubicle front, and that means lots of good people need a little something to get them through the day.

You can access AKRadio by clicking on the the link at the top there, just beneath our banner. We’re starting with some Rafter tracks, but we will rotate out and add new tracks from other artists later on. Until then, enjoy the streaming Rafter goodness!