Cover by Gala Bent

On Tuesday, Castanets released their fourth album, City of Refuge. You can purchase the CD here for $10, and the LP for $12. And today we announce Dub Refuge , a dub-ambient revisionary history of City of Refuge from Ero.

Says Ero: "I wanted to make sounds from his music that respected the realism and naturalism of the source material (hums, buzz, the acoustic signature of motel and cheap microphone) while adding in additional depth of reference and providing some clouds of unknowability, in order to emphasize the more spiritual and aggressively ‘out’ aspects of the music." Read more from Ero here.

Dub Refuge releases November 4th. Castanets are also setting off on a fairly broad tour, showing up from Chicago, to Portland, to San Francisco, to DC. See details here.

In the meantime, we have created a Castanets "collection" of sorts, if there can be such a thing, which consists of Castanets’ first three full-lengths (Cathedral , First Light’s Freeze, In the Vines). It’s just $15, and while supplies last, we are including a limited edition tour EP that Castanets split with Shapes and Sizes. You can buy it by clicking here.