Photo by Shana Novak

If you’ve heard Castanets’ new In The Vines then you know the depth of each song on the album, the way that they stretch and meander from speaker to ear. Blog Tiny Mix Tapes used these words to describe it: "Indeterminate, dream-state guitar music, the sound of the in-between, the almost-but-not-quite." Several musicians share in this consensus, and they’ve released cover songs and remixes of tracks from In The Vines on various electronic web logging outlets that demonstrate the flexibility of Castanets’ writing. Here’s a handy reference list:

"End Bugs," Marla Hansen covering "Sway" on Stereogum
"Strong Animal," Rafter  on Paper Thin Walls
"And the Swimming," Ellul on Each Note Secure
"And the Swimming," Phosphorescent on Pitchfork
"This is the Early Game," Son Lux on Stereogum

Haven’t heard the album yet?  Fret not. is streaming the album for free here. Buy the CD or LP here.