One of the songs of off My Brightest Diamond’s new record is “Be Brave,” a rain-dance/prayer/monologue written by frontwoman Shara Worden to herself as a way to gumption up and do something tangible and real about injustice. You can watch the video here.

Shara, who lives in Detroit, worked with a “hyper-local” screen-printer not far from her house named InkInBloom to design and print a shirt based on this song. You see the result above; a beautiful incorporation of one of the masks from the project and the lyrics.

All of the profits from the sale of these shirts go to Love146, a non-profit organization working to end child sex slavery and exploitation.

Of the shirts Shara says, “"Be Brave, dear one. Be ye changed or be undone. Millions of people are reported to be enslaved, most of whom are in commercial sex industries.  1.2 million are children.  Since I have several friends who are working with non-profits to raise awareness of this reality, and try to help prevent human trafficking, I decided this was a small thing I could do to help.  I’ve known the founders of Love146 for 10 years and I trust them.  I believe in their work.  So I thought for starters, I could make a tee shirt, a little prayer, a hopeful wish for those people who are trapped, to trust that change will come. "

You can buy men and womens’ shirts from InkInBloom’s website for $24 by clicking here.