Back in August, we announced Volume 2 of the Rafter video contest, with promises of cash prizes to those who could create the best music videos to songs from Rafter’s new EP, Sweaty Magic . Employing a diverse range of judges, we have chosen winners. And if we could appear at their house with a supersize check, we would. Instead, we will just email them.

Those winners include Dax Norman, whose striking animation came in squarely at first place. You can watch his video just above the text or by clicking here. Second place goes to this very well-populated video by Ryan, although (it’s a shame we just see the audition and never see the actual video!). You can watch his video by clicking on more, or here. Finally, third place falls to mws888, whose wonderful stop-animation is both literal and mesmerizing. That video is here, or you can view it by clicking more.

And thanks so much to all the entrants! It was hard to pick the top three, and obvious that so much energy and creativity went into the videos! We’ll be posting runner-ups later this week. Until then, feel free to peruse all the entries right here.

second place by rynostevie

third place by mws888