A few weeks ago, we released an astounding alchemy of a music video, replete with magic, mysticism, lazers, dancing, and Ms. Dominican Republic 2008.

Today, using the magic of the internet, you can take the song and its many iterations home by purchasing the second single from Pepe Deluxé’s forthcoming record,  Queen Of The Wave. “A Night And A Day” is up on iTunes now, right here.

The song features an international cabal including lead vocals from Johanna Försti, a Finnish soul/funk singer who has sung for the President of Finland; backing vocals from Australian Boi Crompton, Gulf War vet who toured with Cat Stevens on his EU tour; Finnish film composer Ville Riippa plays transistor organ and percussion; and Pepe full-time member, the Swedish-born Manhattan-residing Paul Malmström handles much of the rest. The song also includes double speed guitars, a glockenspiel, and a modular synthesizer.

In addition to “Hesperus Garden,” another track from Queen Of The Wave, the single also includes remixes courtesy of A-R-K (aka Andy Spence from New Young Pony Club), K-X-P (producers of Annie), Mex Luthor (also know as Catskills artist Black Grass), Zumo, Echo Park, and Obi Blanche.

You can preorder Queen Of The Wave on iTunes here.