Dear Asthmatic Kittyists,

Your favorite record label has asked me, Nick Hennies of The Weird Weeds, to tell you about an exciting new opportunity available to you. Our politically neutral neighbor to the north has delivered the U.S. – by way of Asthmatic Kitty – their finest musical export, Shapes & Sizes. In early 2006 the men and women of this remarkable band trudged their way all across our great nation, bringing their music to the American masses and subsequently snapping each and every audience out of their American Idol-induced trance with their rousing and joyous rock ‘n roll music. They played in southwestern tiki lounges, Michigan puppet theaters, dive bars, and ramshackle DIY venues all over our great nation giving Asthmatic Kitty honchos the opportunity to witness this Canadian maelstrom. With their righteous live show still fresh in their collective memory, Asthmatic Kitty is pleased as punch to give you the debut album from Shapes & Sizes!

Featuring some of the finest male/female vocal harmonies this writer can recall hearing in some time and some truly elegant feats of orchestration rarely found on a rock record, Shapes & Sizes will charm the pants off all ears this music may fall upon. The band says "kisses are our friends"; I say Shapes & Sizes are our friends! To sum up…

Shapes & Sizes: lovely as house guests, even better as a rock band. Now what are you waiting for? [Click here] to hear this record, post haste!  Also be sure to catch them [ON TOUR NOW].

Nick Hennies – Austin, TX

[Shapes and Sizes Remix/Mash-up/Cover Contest]
–  Individiual tracks available now!