The best art is that which uses the engine of inspiration to in turn create more art. So today we are honored to be releasing MAKE on DVD, a documentary film that explores the lives of four American self-taught artists, all of whom use simple materials to create remarkable and thought-provoking work. The journey of the film from concept to today's release has been a long one for filmmakers Scott Ogden and Malcolm Hearn; years, really, of travel,  investigation, interviewing, research, editing, collecting, and documenting. Their work, if we may be so bold, mirrors the quality of the artists that they document in the film. 
And it is MAKE that also inspired Sufjan Stevens' most recent album, The Age of Adz. Sufjan based the framework of the album after seeing Prophet Royal Robertson's work featured in MAKE. (Royal's artwork is also in the liner notes of the CD and LP.) 
You can see this remarkable film for yourself by purchasing the DVD for $15. We also have a digital version available for $10. Click here to do either.
Feel free to play or download Sufjan’s “Get Real, Get Right” below, a track from Adz heavily inspired by the art of Prophet Royal Robertson.