Even though we signed her to our roster a few months ago, Laura Park has been at home here at Asthmatic Kitty for some time. In addition to drawing up some tour posters and advertisements, Laura has also designed several Asthmatic Kitty shirts and hoodies.

Now, Laura Park has outdone herself with a subtle and wonderful illustrated grocery tote bag. And right in time for the best of the farmers markets: harvest!

The bag is 100% organic cotton, large enough for everything you’d need for a delicious and complete dinner, and sturdy enough to carry milk and sugar (or even non-food items)!

And while supplies last, we are stuffing these bags with two lovingly created recipe zines, printed on 100% recycled paper. The first is an 22 page vegan zine from Adam Gnade, friend of Asthmatic Kitty, recent author of the superb Hymn California, and storyteller. The zine includes delicious recipes and helpful health advice from Adam and his broad and wide circle of friends.

The second 28-page zine gathers recipes from roster and non-Adam-Gnade friends, including My Brightest Diamond, the Schlarbs, Chris Eley of Indianapolis’ Goose the Market (who recently made the #1 sandwich in America!), David Sankey, Sara Billups, Jonathon Dueck, and of course Laura Park herself.

You can see all of Laura’s work for Asthmatic Kitty here (including a terrific mini comic for just $3), details and pictures of the bag here, or buy it right now for $22(+S&H) by clicking here.