Part II: The New December, the second album from Fol Chen, is out right now. East Bay Express wrote that the band has "fashioned a clever, ambitious album with a wee touch of majesty." NPR's All Music Considered featured them today in their summer music preview here.
You can of course buy the album now, in CD form for $10 by clicking here, and in vinyl format for $15 here. But should there be any reluctance in you purchase, there are also myriad ways to experience Fol Chen. One is by watching Fol Chen's most recent music video viewable here, filmed among volcanic ash and directed by Chris Wilcha.
And if you live on the left or right coast, you can see them play. They'll be in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. They will then head out to the east coast in early August. Details for those dates are here. Fol Chen is an elusive beast, so we recommend catching them while you can.