If you are in New York City tomorrow tonight (Saturday), then you already have plans. We made them for you, you’re welcome. Chris Schlarb and an entire crew (including members of various groups such as the Philip Glass Ensemble, Vanishing Voice, and Iron and Wine) are recreating his Twilight and Ghost Stories album live. Show up at the already legendary The Stone with $15 by 8pm or 10pm. Bring a friend, it’s all ages.

If you can’t make it, we are streaming the entire composition for free this weekend. Click here and scroll down a bit. The player is on the right. If you prefer your music streamless, you can buy the CD for $10 (+S&H) by clicking here.

Schlarb is notoriously busy, a veritable octopus with appendages in every form of musical involvement. That includes video games. In his "spare" time, Schlarb scored Night Game, an independent video game designed by Nifflas. While still unreleased, apparently someone has played it and decided it might just be the best independent video game of the year. IGN, the Pitchfork of video game websites, interviews Schlarb about the music and game here.