Today, Future Rapper’s Land of a Thouand Rappers appears on the shelves of independent CD sellers across the United States 2007.

Paper Thin Walls gave one of the album’s twenty tracks a 1.0 out 10. INTake Weekly called it "a delightfully elaborate riddle that repeatedly invites discovery and interpretation." After hearing the album, XLR8R dubbed Future Rapper the "nerdiest rapper in the history of music." And on one particular file sharing website, a downloader wished he could rate the release zero stars out of five – and gave it a one instead. Needless to say, people are confused.

We think that’s a good thing. Listen to some MP3s from the album and order here to decide for yourself. If you need context, check out Future Rapper’s as equally uncategorized Top 8 list on Dusted Magazine here, or listen to Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond speak it straight here. See a performance by Future Rapper here, or an interview by Jessica Halverson of the Indianapolis Star and INtake Weekly here.