Photographed by Paul Baumgarten

A few weeks ago Future Rapper made an appearance at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis. Apparently, the location has some kind of temporal resonance because he is arriving again this evening at the HCA’s opening for historic artist Kipp Normand’s Curious City. Future Rapper has dubbed his appearance "The Institute for Future Past Learning: A Center for Chronocartography and Design" and has recruited two noted scholars for the panel.

IUPUI physicist A.J. Rader, Ph.D., will present "An Introduction to Spacetime,"  and historian John Beeler will submit his "The Contemporal Historiography of Indianapolis Revisited: The City as Refuge" for consideration. Future Rapper will moderate.

Doors open at the Harrison Center in Indianapolis at 6pm, and lectures will begin at 6:45 and 8:00. Please be prompt, and turn off all cell phones as their carrier waves disrupt Future Rapper’s temporal continuum.