Houston will see sunny skies with a pleasant high of 86° today. Moving in later this afternoon to Diverseworks Art Space around 3pm are some Unusual Animals including Future Rapper, Cryptacize, Hearts of Animals, The Wiggins, Space City Gamelan, and Moth Fight. Read details here, or our sidebar, where Craig McCormick writes about the Gonzo Art of Houston, Philip Beck lists Patrick Swayze as one of his favorite things about Houston, Sara Strohmeyer finds Houston delicious and interesting, and Moth Fight digs up the Houston news archives.

Portland will experience some cold rain, with a high of just 54°. But that’s ok, as the Unusual Animals in Portland will be taking shelter at the warm and cozy Urban Grind Coffee around 2pm. Varieties include Half-Handed Cloud, booty-shaking The Beauty, the lo-fi-ically precise Upsidedown Cat, and the charmed-before-you-know-it Kelli Schaefer, as well as nearby Olympia Washington’s hand-clapping Lake. Read details here, or see some propaganda puppetry here.

Also you can stream a cover by The Beauty of "Sway," a Castanets track from this Tuesday’s release of In The Vines, just below.

Both events are free, of course.

  "Sway" The Beauty, covering Castanets