May 30th, 2007 , by

Photo by Jonathan Dueck

Three years in the making, Land of a Thousand Rappers: Vol 1, The Fall of the Pillars, will land on August 7, 2007 via Asthmatic Kitty’s new imprint for conceptual and electronic projects, Unusual Animals. Future Rapper, aka Asthmatic Kitty’s own employee of the month Michael Kaufmann, has collaborated with The Holy Fool, aka Wayne S. Feldman, and the Queen of Soft, aka Liz Janes, as well as Papa Alabaster, aka producer Ero Gray, to construct a thickly layered avant hip hop album that integrates the vernacular of email spam with classic mythological themes of friendship, betrayal, and colony collapse disorder.

Expect more information, including downloadable MP3s, photos, and a powerpoint lecture tour schedule in the coming weeks.   Click here for the album’s webpage.


January 22nd, 2007 , by

We are proud to announce our second in the Unusual Animals Vinyl Series, which features our own  Castanets and Western Vinyl’s Dirty Projectors.

The Unusual Animals Vinyl Series brings together two eclectic musical experiments authored by two unusually paired groups or musicians. In this case, the Castanets offer "BlackWater," which sounds like a water-logged and drunk Fennesz covering Willie Nelson. Dave Longstreth and his Dirty Projectors inhabit the flip side of the vinyl with the piercing, "Silence in the Land."

The album releases on March 6 only in retail independent music stores. Until then interested parties can partake of a free streaming audio of both  songs here.