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Photo by  Angel Ceballos

Roberto Lange of Helado Negro loves to explore. And it is his intrinsic sense of discovery that transforms the traditional structures of pop music into a celestial playground. Because his energy and enthusiasm is hard to restrain within the recommended release schedule, we have decided to forgo with conventional wisdom and follow Helado Negro through the extensive galactic archipelago, losing ourselves amongst the many islands that orbit the brain of Lange and his many collaborators.

Today we are excited to be releasing Island Universe Story One, the first in what he promises as an infinite series of chapters in this musical journey. The result of experimentation with a Scully 280 ¼” tape machine and the Teenage Engineering OP-1, the first island is a collection of tape loops and edits. It is a deep breakfast buffet of star paste and quabbernautic brunchings. Listen and take part by purchasing below, or read more here.

The music is visually represented by the micro-maximalist art of Kristi Sword and succinct design of Mexico City’s NRML.

And don’t miss Helado Negro at the Bowery this Friday night, when he plays with Matthew Dear and Blondes. Buy tickets here.


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We’re going back over our releases on the cusp of 2012 and trying to clump together a whole year’s worth of happenings into one post. Here's the one on Helado Negro's Canta Lechuza. We released Helado Negro’s Canta Lechuza in May. Roberto Carlos Lange – the brain and brawn  behind Helado Negro – is one […]

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 Helado Negro is currently undergoing a short but sweet minitour of Mexico. Last week he played at Festival Norte Sonoro en Monterrey, alongside DJ Rupture, White Rainbow, Grupo Esencias, and many others. You can see the tour poster and more info on that here.

If you missed him, you can catch Helado Negro this Friday, the 25th. He’ll be playing in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico at Caradura, as part of Nuestras Noches de Arts & Crafts México.  More details are here.

For those of you that are in Mexico, make sure you run by Starbucks. You might able to pick up a free track courtesy of iTunes (see here for example).


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"Regresa" by Helado Negro as directed by Gus Gavino

Buy Canta Lechuza here.


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"Obra Uno," from Canta Lechuza by Helado Negro, as perceived by the ever perceptive Seattle artist Gala Bent.


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Beautiful and spacious, "2º Dia" is directed by Santa Maria and we've been watching it over and over again.  Alternate ASCII version, courtesy of ASCIIMO, here.


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Since we released Canta Lechuza from Helado Negro last week, we've received questions from all over the world inquiring about the owl on the artwork. The owl. Elementary school teacher Clarisa Uton from Idaho wrote in, "Dear AK, Canta Lechuza is a lovely album, but why is Roberto [of Helado Negro] taking a bath with the owl? Is that what the kids are doing these days?" And Paul Frank, a tea-shop proprietor asked, "I'm curious about the owl. How could I not be? Clearly, it represents something important. A totem perhaps? But what does it mean? My wife thinks it's meaningless, but I feel it has some importance. Please settle this debate between my life partner and me."
We're afraid, Clarisa and Paul and world, that we cannot answer those questions or settle any debates. To do so would mean delving deep into the layered mind of Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro), a feat we dare not attempt for fear of never returning. 
But what we can do is offer an opportunity to wear the owl. Longtime Roberto collaborator David Ellis has designed a gorgeous and minimalistic take on The Owl, which you can see in greater detail here. It's $14. It may not offer answers, but it will offer style and slight protection from the elements. These days, that's all one can expect from a t-shirt.
That is, unless you buy the shirt and the MP3 version of the album for $19. The t-shirt will arrive via mail, the MP3 via your email within 30 minutes of purchase. Both will enlighten, but we make no guarantees. Click here to give it a shot.


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On display this Saturday in Brooklyn is a collaborative video and live performance from artist Nene Humphrey. Roberto Lange, aka Helado Negro and Epstein, worked extensively with Nene on the music composition, partnering also with songwriter and performer Julie DeLano and cinematographer Christopher Keohane.
In what began as a meditation on the loss of her husband, Nene Humphrey layers sound, film and live performance in the piece she is calling Circling the Center. Images of electrical circuit boards, animated MRI's, braiding weaving patterns and a 19th century papier maiche brain model are layered with the sounds of rats serenading each other in a neuroscience lab, human breathing, a metronome and the chanted directions for crafting Victorian mourning braids, creating a film projected on a large scrim. Three women behind and in front of the scrim perform an original vocal dance piece at selected intervals.

The video performance is at 7pm, Saturday May 21st. More details are here.


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Canta Lechuza, the second album from Helado Negro, is out today. It is a perfect album for spring; majestic but at the same time welcoming, the music bubbling forth like little green shoots out of black dirt. Canta Lechuza is pop music for sure, but this is Helado Negro, right? He'll never force his way in with over-you-head beats. His riffs are subtle and suave. A wink here, a wave there. You will be charmed as we have. The album is so good, we are listening to it right now as we pen the very news you read. 

If we can be so bold, we recommend you do the same and listen. It's been a while since you just relaxed and listened, isn't it? See below for a full, free stream, or click here.

And if you like what you hear, do buy it. It's $8 for the MP3, $10 for the CD and $15 for the LP. Click here to buy.


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Helado Negro's Canta Lechuza features the amazing vision and photography of world renown filmmaker and photographer Eve Sussman. It is an honor to have her join the ranks of our talented pool of album artists. Eve's new collaborative group, the Rufus Corporation launched whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir this last weekend at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London. For those of you on that side of the pond the show runs until May 14th. More information here.

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