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  • Chris Schlarb Making The Saint

    Chris Schlarb recorded his new album inside a cabin in the San Bernardino mountains of California thinking of you, relaxing on a Sunday morning. More info...

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  • Psychic TempleChris Schlarb Psychic Temple II

    Psychic Temple II is a labor of love envisioned by Chris Schlarb to bring his most far-ranging inspirations to life – as he puts it, “a dream ensemble that could never actually exist.” More info...

    • CD 10
    • LP 15
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  • Chris Schlarb NightSky

    NightSky features an original score performed by a small ensemble of avant-garde, jazz, and modern classical musicians. More info...

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  • Psychic TempleChris Schlarb Psychic Temple

    Inspired by the rhythmic pulse of microhouse, and the melodic vocabulary of jazz and folk music, Psychic Temple is a deeply considered meditation on beauty. More info...

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  • Chris Schlarb Twilight and Ghost Stories

    Chris Schlarb is a musician, composer and producer based in Long Beach, California. His debut solo album, Twilight & Ghost Stories, was critically hailed as both, “40 minutes of avant-garde bliss” by the New York Observer and as “a monumental achievement” by FFWD Weekly. His follow up album, Interoceans, with experimental jazz duo I Heart […] More info...

    • CD 10.00
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