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  • Rafter It’s Reggae

    "Dear Reggae, I know it's only been a couple days but I miss you already. Love, Rafter" More info...

    • CD 8.00
    • MP3 8.00
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    • LP 12.00
  • Rafter Quiet Storm

    "i made this album, fed by those inspirations and a wave of existential freakout, human mind explosion. in my fantasy, it's like darkthrone meets the kinks meets lee perry... " More info...

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  • Rafter Animal Feelings Remixes

    Rafter Roberts stands no taller than your average human male, yet his fiery red-haired head is filled with the minutiae of music, swirling and churning constantly. Fortunately this leaves little room for fear, of which Rafter has nearly none. His fearlessness has led him to do just about everything he sets his mind to, which […] More info...

  • Rafter Animal Feelings

    Animal Feelings is about livin' it out and looking for love while your days move forward; because your days will move forward and they'll move forward fast. It's how you fill up the in-between time that counts More info...

    • CD 10.00
    • MP3 8.00 Buy
  • Rafter Sweaty Magic

    Sweaty Magic is Rafter center stage in a gold Speedo (American Apparel banned at the door), firing lasers of love from his eyes. If you're not shaking your booty by the second track, you might want to look behind you to make sure it's still there. More info...

    • CD 6.00
  • Rafter Sex Death Cassette

    It is a collectors' item, a helter-skelter boogie-down production of the slop-pop aesthetic. It is SEX DEATH CASSETTE, one of many strange beautiful chaotic albums to come. More info...

    • CD 10.00
  • Rafter Music for Total Chickens

    Music for Total Chickens is built from bits of pop architecture nailed together in odd forms; it is structurally sound (no pun intended) but at the same time it defies the conventional laws of (pop) physics. More info...

    • CD 8.00
  • Rafter 10 Songs

    This pop gem has been buried in the rough since 1998, when Rafter put the finishing touches on his garage-built masterpiece and called it “10 Songs.” More info...

    • CD $6.00