The latest dispatches are coming in from the front lines.

We are taking prisoners of war, reports Future Rapper (@futurerapper), stripping them of biotech enhancements and honor. The victory is anticlimactic. Then: Redistributing the spoils to their appropriate decade, millennium, epoch. Buck$ is on the run.

These transmissions could only mean one thing: that the latest chapter in the Land of a Thousand Rappers saga is drawing to a close, and a new one is beginning, with the release of a five-volume, self-titled album chronicling the entire hip-hop time travel epic. Future Rapper, the eternal warrior, has beaten back sinister suit Warhol Buck$. For now, at least.

On Sept. 24, the Land of a Thousand Rappers audio can be downloaded as digital files or played back from a set of five cassette tapes. Surreal, comic, complex and madly ambitious, the Land of a Thousand Rappers took seven years and the combined talents of Michael Kaufmann, Wayne Feldman, Ero Gray, and more to create, telling the story of Future Rapper’s struggle against the forces of avarice and destruction.

The set will be made available with or without the accompanying novella/prose poem, Zero Seed by Michael Kaufmann, Future Rapper’s ally and correspondent in this timeline. and to celebrate his victory, Future Rapper will hold a reading, Q&A and signing for Kaufmann’s book at Indy Reads in Indianapolis, at 6pm on Tuesday the 24th, heralding our new era of peace.

This just in:

The sky pixelates. The waters pause. The ground sighs. And we reset the system.