Well folks, this is it. We are officially knee-deep in the holiday season. So, from everyone here at Asthmatic Kitty Records Headquarters, we wish you well and hope you spend the next bit of time happily and with loved ones. 

Because it's Christmas, there is, of course, plenty of music to go around. NY Mag has two songs from Sufjan Stevens and the Dessner Brothers (of The National). Those songs are here. Also, Sufjan, along with our own Helado Negro and Half-handed Cloud, contributed to this year's volume A Familyre Christmas. You can stream and download for free here. Sufjan's own Christmas collection is here. You can stream it for free or download it for $12.
If the Ghost of Christmas Past were here, he'd remind us of the Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange from a couple years back. You'll recall that Sufjan picked Alec Duffy's phenomenal "Every Day is Christmas" as the winner. You can hear it here. We also created a mighty fine AKradio playlist of the runners-up, culled from over 600 original Christmas song submissions. Kick that into Christmas cheer gear by clicking  here. And finally, there's a sled-full of AK/Sufjan Christmas goodness including a tinseltastic flash game by Tom DesLongChamp, right…over…..HERE. There kids, that should keep you busy for a while.
Once again, Happy Christmas and thanks to all of you out there for making our Christmas bright.