John Ringhofer, the brains and brawn behind Half-Handed Cloud, has released a new single on Sanitary Records. But instead of employing unreliable digital technology like iPods or mp3s, which you might accidentally forget to backup, or which you may or may not own, or may or may not be sued for owning, John has instead opted to provide this single on quality Chromium2 Tape (aka CASSETTE) as part of Sanitary Records retro-revolutionary Cassingle series.  Anyone ever hear of the RIAA while listening to that $90 yellow Sport-Walkman?  Exactly. Maybe Older is the New Newer.

Of course, while you’re checking out Half-Handed Cloud’s Cassingle, make sure you order #5, which features our very own The Curtains.And not only is John shunning Digitalia with music, but also with speech. Sure, he has a new-fangled web-log with which he uses to communicate with the Intertubes. But he talks to people too, using his vocal chords, as demonstrated by two witty and informative pieces. In one discussion with the sfist, John reveals that he’s reading a book by a Swissman that loves his knickers, and at The Other Journal, interviewers Josh Golden and Chris Keller manage to tease out John’s long repressed summer camp memories.

Of course, if you don’t want to mosey off the AK-Ranch just quite yet but feel a hankering for some HHC-action, check out John’s newest sidebar post, which includes 103% more waffles than a cassette or an interview.