Photo by Juliana Paciulli

The pyramid was built, the plans set in motion, necessary parties were contacted and contracted. Now Samuel Bing, Melissa Thorne and the gang are preparing for their next assignment. Is it geodesic in nature? Urt-like? Subterranean? We can’t make out the cryptic scrawling they left on the post-its here at AK HQ.

Fortunately, they also left behind an EP that they have asked us to propagate to the masses, you, free of charge. It is an interlude, collecting the residual remixes, both by and for Fol Chen, and features the likes of Liars, Simone White, Epstein AKA Roberto Lange, Rafter and more! Download it (for free!) here.

And before Fol Chen leave and begin their second phase of gestation, they will give their live musical presentation in the City of Angels this Friday at the Echo as part of LA Weekly and Aquarium Drunkard’s ROCK N ROLL SUMMER CIRCUS. Then Fol Chen will head over to Europe for a string of dates. You can check out their tour dates here.