Note: As of November 29, 2018 the AKR Warehouse is officially closed. Thanks for your support!

For nearly twenty years Lowell, Karin, and Ed (and many others through the years) have been working out of a little house in Lander, Wyoming, managing the nuts and bolts of Asthmatic Kitty Records, doing everything “in house”—ordering, shipping, receiving, accounting, bookkeeping, corresponding, taking out the garbage, etc., and, most importantly, handling the byzantine task of mail order: making countless trips to the post office or UPS to ship out all those records (and apparel, and show posters, etc.) to our loyal customers, fans, and friends. It’s been a ton of work—blood, sweat and tears—and a labor of love, and we’re proud to have been able to run things ourselves all these years (and from the center Wyoming, no less). It hasn’t always been easy (or totally without hiccups), but we wouldn’t have done it any other way (and we couldn’t have done it without Lowell, Karin, and Ed). Thank you!

So it is with a deep pang of pride and wistfulness that we announce the end of that chapter of Asthmatic Kitty. We will be closing the Lander office by the end of the year, and will now be managing our mail order through an incredible company in Michigan (AKR’s original home state) called Whiplash. Whiplash is independently owned and operated by a team of music enthusiasts who are fastidious about customer care. We’re excited to work with them as we move through these changes.

(Asthmatic Kitty will still be in business as usual. John Beeler will continue to manage the label through his office in Atlanta, GA, and Sufjan will continue as house DJ from his office in New York City.)

In the meantime, we need to clean house. With gusto, we are pleased to announce:

The Asthmatic Kitty Black Friday Final Warehouse “Crazy for Coupons” Clearance Sweepstakes

Here’s the details:

  • All coupon codes will work starting Tuesday November 20that 11am EST.
  • Buy one record on vinyl, get one free. Coupon code: BOGOVINYL
  • Buy one CD, get one free on CDs. Coupon code: BOGOCD
  • Buy one t-shirt or hoodie, get one free. Coupon code: BOGOWEARBLES
  • Buy one vinyl grab bag (4 randomly selected records), get one free (for a total of 8). Coupon code: BOGOVINYLGRAB
  • Buy one CD grab bag (5 randomly selected CDs), get one free (for a total of 10 CDs). Coupon code: BOGOCDGRAB
  • Buy one T-shirt grab bag (2 randomly selected T-shirts), get one free (for a total of 4 T-shirts). Coupon code: BOGOGRABAPPAREL
  • You can use the coupon codes as many times as you like (ie. buy 10 records, get 10 records free).
  • Sale ends and AKR Warehouse will close on Tuesday, November 27that 11am EST.
  • Due to volume we may take a few extra days to ship, but we will make sure everything arrives by Christmas.

You can visit the warehouse store and preview the inventory by clicking here.

And the usual AKR store is here.

Thank you for your participation! And thank you Lander for being our cornerstone for so many years. XOXO